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Game Designer / Artist – – 602.614.1177
Please visit my online design portfolio:
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  • Deep and broad design experience on many platforms and genres ♦ PS3, PSVita, PS2, PC, Mobile
  • Adaptable, creatively catalytic, extremely tech savvy, collaborative, and passionate about games
  • Expertise in creating player classes, creatures, bosses, encounters, mechanics, and content
  • RPGs, Action, Puzzle, Casual, Casual-Arcade, Top-Down-Shooters, and Adventure genres
  • Efficient and focused, working with teams from 4 to 50 people
  • Expertise in the following software and tools: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, TorchEd, Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, xNormal, nDo, MS Excel, MS Word, Node-based scripting, C#, and Lua.


  • Madagascar 2: The Crate Escape published by Activision for PS2
  • PAIN published by Sony San Diego for PS3
  • PAIN: Amusement Park published by Sony San Diego for PS3
  • PAIN: Movie Studio published by Sony San Diego for PS3
  • PAIN: Sore Spots published by Sony San Diego for PS3
  • PAIN: Museum published by Sony San Diego for PS3
  • PAIN: Painball published by Sony San Diego for PS3
  • PAIN: Pinball published by Sony San Diego for PS3


Dire Wolf Digital ► May 2013 to Present
Dire Wolf Digital specializes in creating online Trading Card Games. They are known for Legends of Norrath and other online trading card game and board game digital adaptations.

UI/UX Artist (May 2013 to Present)

  • Creating UI assets for a number of TCG projects
  • Implementing assets for UIs in Unity for multiple projects
  • Examining UI flow and usability

Idol Minds ► Jan 2008 to May 2013
Idol Minds is a 3rd party developer for PS3, PS2, and Mobile platforms. They are known for the Cool Boarders and PAIN franchises.

Environment Artist (December 2012 to May 2013)

  • Prototyping game ideas in Unity
  • Creation of props and textures using a variety of texturing methods
  • Working closely with game design to implement game play into props and items
  • Working closely with programming to create, implement, and attach gameplay scripts to props and environments using c# in Unity

Game Designer (Combat/Systems) (November 2010 to March 2012)

  • Designed overall combat treatment and combat systems
  • Creature and Boss design and implementation which included constructing the creature, implementing VFX and SFX, and gameplay tuning
  • Assassin player class design and implementation, Mage player class design, including control schemes
  • Creation of boss environments, scripting of encounters, and tuning the encounter
  • Level Editor Tools Design for both creature/player modular construction tools and level design tools
  • Pre-design of the game including art style exploration, game play, and core features

Environment Artist (June 2010 to November 2010)

  • Created modular assets and tiling textures
  • Created both large scale and prop type environment assets for a driving game
  • Populated areas with down-rezzed assets

Level Designer (January 2009 to October 2009)

  • Designed freeplay layouts, new modes, and prototypes using Idol Minds’ in-house tools.
  • Wrote detailed game design docs for new modes, prototypes and game pitches.
  • Rapid prototyped new game modes using grey boxing and the editor to iterate quickly.

Environment Artist (January 2008 to January 2009)

  • Reduced model and texture resolutions and remodeled assets that were not suited for poly reduction
  • Repopulated the 12 levels that I was responsible for with the lower resolution assets
  • Painted many textures from scratch to assist with implementing a new art style specific to the PS2 version of this game
  • Painted and baked in vertex lighting for both assets and terrain for our lighting solution using Turtle
  • Produced high quality models at current gen specs using a variety of methods to produce outstanding models.
  • Created a wide variety of textures for use with our shaders including normal, spec, alpha, grime and grunge overlays, tint maps and others.
  • Used Havok to create accurate collision for each object.
  • Used Havok to rig models with Havok constraints for complex interactions between the player, world, and game object.

Wicked Cinder ► June 2009 to Present
Wicked Cinder is a small team focused on PC and Mobile development of independent titles. There is constant work on prototypes, game ideas, and pitches.

Game Designer (November 2009 to Present)

  • Unity prototyping and iteration for a variety of genres in Unity
  • Designed game rules, modes, progression and other aspects of game play for pitches and projects.
  • Created layouts for 60 levels
  • Created VFX for multiple uses and for multiple levels
  • Lit and created art assets for two of four levels on Bubble Flow
  • UI/UX Design: created art assets and flow for all the UI and in-game HUD elements

Lead Environment Artist (February 2009 to November)

  • Managed 5 environment artists, providing feedback and direction for the game’s art
  • Created assets, animations, environments and textures
  • Lit, created effects, and rendered for the game’s pre-rendered scenes
  • Worked closely with our programmer to create and implement a VFX system for a custom adventure game engine
  • Created UI, 3d assets, textures, and VFX for this match 3 title

B.A. in Game Art and Design, Art Institute of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ 2008

References Available Upon Request

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